In partnership with award-winning studio Dialogue 38, Curtis Su Associates was first established as the Los Angeles branch. In 2017, we soon grew as an independent interior architecture studio featuring individually-tailored design and compelling visual narratives through spaces. Our diverse backgrounds and perspectives curate unique identities to each design. Our work comprises renovations and new-builds, hospitalities and residentials, interior space-changing, and exterior make-over.

With an army of field experts behind us, we are able to realize one-of-a-kind and ground-breaking designs against all odds. We believe every space has the potential to be unique and deserves its own creative attention. To us, no details are considered too trivial and we have an abundance of resources across a network of experienced and capable specialists to hone in on every aspect of a project. We also listen carefully to our client’s wishes and concerns, as we know new projects are mentally tolling, and we are here to help guide our clients every step of the way. Our authentic and genuine approach is what has gained us trust from our clients and collaborators, and is the founding stone of our business’ best-acclaimed achievements to date.

We believe a project is best executed when everyone is in unison, which starts by laying down our design vision and walking our clients through every motive and intention behind it. A great design cannot be a lone act of a designer, therefore, our client is always fully aware and included in the design conversation and progress. All our efforts are to allow our clients to have peace of mind and to know their projects are in the most trustworthy hands that will deliver their best imaginable vision.


Curtis Li

Growing up in a family with architectural heritages, Curtis Li inherited the passion and decided to pursue architecture at an early age. Prior to opening his own studio, Li practiced in China focusing on architectural & urban interventions. After graduating from the MArch program in University of Southern California, Li established his roots in Los Angeles with the opening of Curtis Su Associates that primarily engages in Hospitality Interior Design. Fluent in multidisciplinary and multicultural, Li’s position is pivotal to bridge the knowledge and conversation across construction, built, product design and digital fabrication; to link builders, fabricators and designers to share the same design pursuit.

Su Huang

As a Shanghai transplant, Su grew up with the enthusiasm for food and crafting. Having been in both Architecture School and Art School, Su twines her artistic expressions into each phase of design. Obtaining a Bachelor of Urban Planning in Tongji University, Shanghai, and MLA degree in the University of Southern California, Su has experienced design knowledge of different scales. Su is most proud of the Wushiland Boba project as it features the perfect shade of yellow, the paint color she poured darlingly into the paint bucket on-site.

Shyh Haw Wu

Shyh Haw Wu, licensed Architect, received his Master of Architecture degree from University of Illinois, Champaign Urbana in 1980 and has over 30 years of experiences in the architectural profession. He has been active in providing his expertise in architectural design, planning, and consulting services for numerous commercial and residential clients and was awarded the 2009 builder of the year award by the Association of Chinese American Construction Professionals. Recent project include the planning and design of 48 luxury homes on newly developed 80 acres in the Diamond Bar Country Estates and a 162 beds skill nursing facility for Special Treatment Program (STP) in the city of Indio, California.

Jason Huang

Jason Huang

As an engineering professional with over twenty years of experience, Jason is responsible for working with designers and city agencies on different scales of design projects. He ensures the structural and functional integrity of building structures and systems, identifies and solves engineer conundrums. As our engineering consultant, Jason evaluates prototypes developed by designers and makes recommendations that complies with regulations and safety standards, promotes material efficiency, and cuts energy costs. Working closely with our architects and interior designers, Jason interprets architectural drawings and creates supplemental engineering details for required building permits.

Quintin Zhao

Quintin Zhao is an award-winning designer from Lanzhou, China. He received education not only in interior design but also professional art education. Influenced by the unique geographical features and cultural heritage of Northwest China, he has a unique vision and perception and is good at combining the pursuit of perfect natural elements with outstanding personal styles. Quintin is responsible for the detailed design of major projects, including layouts, finishes, material, as well as project planning, design development, and project management.

Elinor Mao

Believing in ‘Art is the science of living’, Elinor Mao spent her first quarter of life on learning painting, calligraphy, ballet, violin, piano, photography and animation in professional institutions and crowded metropolitan streets. In the process of studying and practicing art, Elinor became an acute observer and a trend predictor, with a sharp sense of creativity and futurism. Elinor Mao obtained her bachelor degree in Shanghai Jiao Tong University and her master degree in University of Southern California.

Peter Ho

Peter Ho originally came from Taiwan, he came to the states to escape from crazy rainy weather and pursue his architecture dream. Little did he know he'll acquire his master's degree from Syracuse Architecture in non-stop snowy weather and now finally moved to Los Angeles enjoying sunny California, basically a climate refugee. Thus, he became an environmentalist that focuses on how architecture, a man-made product that lasts for dozens of years, can be designed in a way that will do less harm to the environment. He implements his philosophy of zero waste by eating all the food that's served to him and has great knowledge of recycling. Oh, forgot to mention that he is an amazing designer too!

Yiyao Liu

Yiyao is a registered architect in New York state. She is a proactive and self-motivated architectural professional with both conceptual design skills and building tectonic knowledge, especially skilled in project documentation and coordination through the BIM process. Her professional experience spans various scales and project types, from interior renovation, ground-up buildings to large-scale urban design concepts. She is dedicated to providing innovative design solutions with a strong belief in design being the medium of objects and human behavior, which details and materiality contribute strongly to a pleasant user interface.

Ginger & Sesame

Ginger & Sesame

Meet our core members of the studio, Ginger and Sesame. Apparently, they are named after two essential condiments in Chinese cuisine, ginger and sesame oil. They started their job at Curtis Su Associates from the age of two, and so far have contributed to multiple projects from material selection to studio mopping, etc. Although sometimes they create havoc in our material library, they are still valued as employees as client-entertainers and afternoon-nap cuddlers.