Culinary Innovation Center

Brea, California. 2022

Welcome to the Atosa Culinary Innovation Center by CSA, where design and culinary excellence converge in a harmonious symphony. The overhead structure, a masterpiece of rounded interplay and segmented wall designs, establishes a novel aesthetic order that seamlessly intertwines with architectural elements, creating a visual marvel.


The Executive Lounge redefines spatial dynamics, offering a leisurely lifestyle through plush fabric sofas, high tables, and dynamic elevations. A corner enclave, surrounded by towering angular display shelves adorned with bold metallic layers, exudes grandeur and monumental energy. This immersive experience for ATOSA transcends the conventional showroom, featuring an open kitchen, a bar, and a lounge space that redefines the presentation of products. Inspired by the brand’s theme color, various shades of blue create a captivating contrast, while iconic spiral stars at the center add a touch of elegance. The oversized bookshelf and decorative vent hood respond to the double-height space, contributing to the overarching theme of this exceptional space, where each detail celebrates design, and each flavor explores culinary excellence.