Hill Residence

Studio City, 2021

For this 5,000 sq.ft remodeled home, we want every visitor could feel inspired and uplifted. The whole design starts with how to approach the existing arches and make them a statement piece. So we rip off the original floral ceilings and take a modern path to patch the new focal point and layers of spaces. An array of arches will lead your sight and let everyone flow between the rooms fluidly. At each ending point, a set of symmetrical furniture layouts with little variations brings a bit of informality.


The kitchen is absolutely the most fun part. The young home chef is very serious about the kitchen and we would like to help her create a gathering place for her guests. A waterfall marble cooking island followed by a metal bar island accommodates any special events. All the panel-ready appliance is serving the chef in a muted way.


Dining is another shiny piece of moment that we would cherish in this residence. The pearl look backsplash lit up and spreads sparkles all over the space. The red velvet accent chair on both ends of the table just adds a little bit more fun. Mix and match seatings can hold both kids party and family dinners.