Meet Fresh – Santa Clara

Santa Clara, California. 2020, Awarded Project

Adhering to MeetFresh’s strong belief to produce authentic Taiwanese desserts, our goal is to convey come up with a look that is legit yet filled up with a modern twist. Taking advantage of the high ceiling, we transform it into a geometric pattern extending from the center counter to both ways. Together with the slated woods, creates a rhythm.


All the white painted brick and warm wood tones are selected as the major surface, creates an uplift, bright, and home welcoming energy. On top of that, red lantern looks pendants hanging above the communal table area adds a bit of contrasting color, and balance off the relatively calmer white and light wood tone. The cluster of lights is just like a representation of friends, family gatherings. On the right-wing of the space, an array of booths is laid for a smaller group sweet party. All the bamboo lantern look lights further defines the young and casual vibe.


The signage system in the store is a little add-on to the interior design package to serve the daily operations. The striking red signages are serving as a clear indication of circulation in the dessert shop. Self-ordering machines, the customized door handle designs, and merchandise shelves in the hallway all help with the branding of the Meetfresh franchise and can streamline the ordering and picking-up process for customers that come to MeetFresh.


In collaboration with Dialogue 38, Toronto.