Meet Fresh – Santa Clara

Santa Clara, California. 2020

Adhering to MeetFresh’s strong belief to produce desserts with authentic and traditional Taiwanese methods with a modern taste, we convey our design for their Santa Clara location with a look that is authentic, traditional yet filled with a modern twist. Wood slots and white painted brick are chosen to be major materials for ceiling and wall finishes, due to the light and neutral energy they give off. Red traditional style lanterns applied throughout the store to add in a contrasting color, in order to balance off the relatively calmer white and wood color. The striking red signages are serving as a clear indication of circulation in the dessert shop. Electronic self-order machines, the story wall and merchandise shelves in the hallway all help with the branding of the Meetfresh franchise and can streamline the ordering and picking-up process for customers that come to MeetFresh.

In collaboration with Dialogue 38, Toronto.