Moon 368

San Gabriel, California. 2023

Embark on a celestial dining experience at Moon 368, an exquisite Asian fusion restaurant nestled in the heart of Los Angeles’s vibrant culinary scene. Inspired by the ethereal beauty of the moon, this exceptional establishment envelops you in an enchanting atmosphere. Moon-inspired details adorn the space, from the sliding doors of the VIP booths reminiscent of moon stages to the partition walls adorned with celestial emblems, creating an ambiance that captivates the senses. Subtle Asian elements, like peacock graphics and delicate feather chandeliers, gently cascaded to the space’s center, effortlessly merging with the high-end restaurant design, adding elegance and cultural richness.


Step into the open-air rooftop bar, where the seamless continuation of design language takes center stage. The circular shape of the indoor bar extends to the outdoor area, forming a complete circle. Under the shelter of a pergola adorned with modern white lanterns and surrounded by tropical plants, the outdoor bar becomes a captivating oasis. Here, guests gather and revel in a vibrant ambiance that harmoniously blends with the indoor space. Immerse yourself in the seamless unity of the elegant design, savoring both the delectable flavors and the celestial-inspired surroundings at Moon 368.