OneZo Boba

Beverly Center, California. 2020.

Step into this tea shop in Beverly Center shopping mall, all you feel is a sense of Zen. The interior design use a simplified curved floating ceiling to bring a breeze into this enclosed store. The light washes represents the skylight and the ground is covered by pebbles and stones.  A hint of nature gives this store a nice touch and a soft character. Parallelly, the green foliage at the entry corner is inherited from Wabi-sabi spirit, forms a lovely vibe for enjoying a quiet moment with tea.


Although the whole design is very minimal, the interior furnishing material is more than rich. A continuous concrete patched ceiling extends from entry to the back of the store. The rough texture builds up a contrast with other smooth and clean surfaces. Along with the seat side, a linear wood slated panel, painted to the same color with the wall,  build up a subtle texture to encourage people to touch and feel.


To further elaborate the fresh brew tea and hand made boba concept, the whole preparation is open to the public on a white waterfall service counter. It eliminates the distance between the customer and tea-makers, creates a strong and reliable connections.