S Residence

Pasadena, California. 2022

A well-known female entrepreneur commissioned us to create a leisure residence that perfectly reflects her lifestyle and taste in Pasadena, a historical city with a rich cultural heritage. We weave a castle belonging to a mature woman with the lively and playful hint of a girl.


The space is composed of two symmetrical adjacent units which became too formal and lack character. We shortened the dark and narrow hallway and merged the two symmetrical kitchens into a large interactive space. This dramatic space serves as a gallery, a bar, and a large hidden kitchen where catering services can show their skills when entertaining guests. We move the entrance of the master bedroom from the kitchen to the window side, thus the circulation no longer intersects with the heavy traffic and provides a better orientation for the master bedroom. The once wasted walkways have been consolidated into a girl’s dream walk-in closet, and we also created an ensuite layout.