SJ Illusion Studio

Lake Forest, California. 2022

Unlike a normal gym with a simply functioning layout, the owner’s vision is to create a new workout lifestyle. All the members will check in at a casual juice bar greeted by a virtual AI staff. As you enter the main workout floor, wide-spread lighting beams and designer pendant lights embrace you immediately, and prep your mind for the next challenge. Over here, only the wellness of your mind and body matter, all hustle and bustle from the outside world are blocked by the nature elements, achieved by stone-look lime paint and beautiful walnut cladding walls.


Aside from designing the aesthetic of the whole interior vibe, we also design some unconventional metal mesh room dividers as gear organizers and utilize partition walls as storage due to the limited amount of space. The vibe we create serves as a bridge to encourage members from different backgrounds and workout levels to achieve their goals.