Diamond Bar, California. 2020.

Teatitude café is a new paradise for all tea lovers in Los Angeles. To help they convey their “east-meets-west” concept in creating their signature expresso tea drink, we decide to provide them with a fun and playful design. That is to say, we play around with shading in a tropical style color palette, abstract geometry, and sculptural-looking pieces.  Stepping into the main space is a summer vibe color palette that has a drastic contrast, which ranges from aqua, mint, strawberry pink, to sunrise orange. Moreover, square tile backsplash, stone and terrazzo countertops, decorative metal mesh as well as arched partition, and windows pop up throughout the space spreads a young and vibrant atmosphere.


The design process starts with a prototype geometry study. Firstly, we create a simple form that could be identical for Teatitude, then we come up with a geometry that is composed of a rectangle plus a dome, this language repeats over the space on the wall paint, pass window, and tables. This prototype unites the store together in a whole theme and serves its own functions.


Beyond that, we design all the custom made furniture are designed too. In this project, the distinctive color and shape is definitely an eye-catching point for all the people walking by. At a glimpse at the side table, we immediately fall in love with the rich texture brought by the slated metal, rounded wood beam board, and the maple birch wood. Ultimately all together creates more layers in the space.


Overall the store is much open, visually lead people directly to the center service counter. Various types of seating including fixed bench, two-by-four dining set, eight-seat communal table are able to accommodate different group sizes of customers. Additionally, all lighting fixture have sorts of contemporary geometrical shapes to be in coordination with the main theme