The Pianist

New York, 2021

The Pianist located in the center of the upcoming Long Island City neighborhood. The whole design concept anchored at the re-imagination of this former Steinway town, hence the project is named after “The Pianist”. The design elegantly embraced the old and the new, classic and refined, youthful and playful. We take elements that have centennial culture and nostalgia, and instill modern values to them. It can neatly fit into the history of the neighborhood, while stand out as a present-day attraction.


To create a creative and healthy lifestyle and promote inclusive live-work-play environments, the focus of the design landed in the community building. Entering the space, all the residences would have a warm welcoming lobby followed by a public lounge area for small meetups.


A well balanced use of texture and patterns give the space a layered and trendy expression. Darker colors expand the space and play off the cool tone , while the pop of colors uplift the space and grabs people’s attention. 


The in units color palette are nothing but warm and cozy. Filled by a warm sage and oak wood, the living space is led by a modern design vehicle. A compact layout encourages a minimal design. Using linear grill and all wrapped soffit above kitchen, it ties everything into a whole.



Architect: Angelo Ng & Anthony Ng Architects Studio, PC

In collaboration with Dialogue 38.