Tianfu Noodle Bar

Irvine, California. 2023

Tianfu Noodle Bar, a Chongqing-inspired culinary haven in Irvine, California. Transcending stereotypes from greesy and spicy food, this noodle shop offers a refreshing take on traditional cuisine within a minimalist aesthetic. Light-colored white oak dominates the space, exuding purity, while polished brass accents and illuminated decorations enrich the ambiance with varying textures and lighting levels.


Upon entering, guests are greeted by a flexible communal table that encourages social interaction, perfect for intimate duos or larger parties. You can also watch the art of noodle-making at the noodle bar seating or enjoy privacy in the booth in the restaurant’s deeper sections. Immerse yourself in an elegant atmosphere where the delicate flavors of Chongqing cuisine meet a modern aesthetic, inviting you to indulge in a captivating dining experience at Tianfu Noodle Bar.