Touch N Glam

Irvine, California, 2024

In this project we completed in Irvine, we focused on serving the community with an option of fast results and new technology SPA. In the design phase, we aimed to break away from the stereotype of Wabi-sabi SPA, creating a youthful and vibrant environment.


We heavily utilized curves to enhance a soft ambiance. Amidst expanses of grassy green, attention-grabbing lemon-yellow breaks convention, becoming the visual focal point. The display shelves transfer the lightness, evoking a sense of breathability. The pure stainless-steel islands facilitate product trials, offering a more interactive experience compared to traditional SPA. Upon entering the treatment room, one encloud niters a sudden shift to a serene atmosphere. The absence of overhead lighting and the addition of a Zen-like ambient sconce create an environment conducive to immersive relaxation.